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The Secret Diary of a 22 Month Old (Part 31)

Was super excited to get in the car to go to the park. I love the park. It’s probably my favourite place in the world after the cupboard in the kitchen where they keep the pans. Was so giddy when they tried to put my coat on. Couldn’t stop running up and down the house getting ready for the park. Giggled like mad when they put my shoes on just thinking about all the great things we were going to do at the park.

Was busy planning what I was going to do at the park and in what order when I noticed that we swung a left at the main road meaning WE WEREN’T GOING TO THE PARK, WE WERE GOING TO THE FUCKING SUPERMARKET! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! Decided I had to make a stand so kicked my legs for ages (bicycle motion first, then freestyle) so they couldn’t get me in the trolley seat. Then when they finally did I spent the whole time round grabbing random stuff and putting it in the trolley. Despite the fact they saw this act of defiance as “cute”, they ended up accidentally paying for a lettuce that they didn’t even want. So who’s laughing now, Big People?

Saw Nanna today. It’s amazing to think she lives inside that iPad.

Was singing as I went to bed tonight. Heard my own voice coming back from the speaker on the baby monitor. Is that how I sound to everyone else? Jesus.

Actually went to the park today. Managed to keep a lid on things in the car in case it was all just a ruse to return the lettuce to the supermarket. Proper lost my mind as we pulled up. Ran down to the roundabout a bit too fast, instantly slipped and twatted my head on the metal bar. Unfortunately that set the tone for what was ultimately a disappointing day out – I got a wet arse from the slide, there was a big queue for the swings and I slipped on dog shit near that rusty little spinny thing that nobody uses.

Started dancing in the living room today when the phone rang. All the Big People joined in. It was quite the scene for a moment but then I got quite angry. Just let me have my moment.

Had one of my toys confiscated because I was using it to drink bath water. If the food was half decent round here I wouldn’t be reduced to such drastic measures.

Woke up crying because I’d leaked. Big Person tried to comfort me. Didn’t work because I’d leaked. Big Person put the pretty lights on. Didn’t work because I’d leaked. Big Person sang lullabies. Didn’t work because I’d leaked. Leak reached their hand. Big Person changed me. Went back to sleep. Big Person is stupid.

I post a new 'Secret Diary' to my FB page every Tuesday...I'm a stand up comic and dad to toddler twins...


Unknown said…
Genuinely snorted my tea at the head / bar incident. Brilliant!
Unknown said…
Genuinely snorted my tea at the head / bar incident. Brilliant!
Unknown said…
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