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The Secret Diary of a 22 Month Old (Part 33)

MONDAY Big People kept checking my nappy all morning. Then when I finally did a poo they found it disgusting. Why the big surprise? It’s a nappy for God’s sake. What else are you hoping to find in there? A cash prize? TUESDAY A new girl started at nursery today. She makes me feel funny. Like when I blow raspberries for too long and can’t see straight. We span round together for ages and got dizzy and then she fell over and cried a bit but it was okay because I didn’t. Then we sat near the coats and picked each other’s noses. Everyone else in our room is so immature compared to us. WEDNESDAY Sat by the coats again with the new girl. I wish she’d come and live with us. We could play all the time and probably get rid of the dog. Maybe they can swap? I’d have to check with the dog first but he’s normally pretty chilled. (Once I slammed his tail inside the fridge door and he hardly ever mentions it.) We were making that noise where you move your finger up and down your bott

The Secret Diary of a 22 Month Old (Part 32)

MONDAY Went to the zoo today. All the animals looked pretty pissed off apart from this one pigeon we saw in the car park, although to be fair I think she comes and goes when she wants. Best bit was when the gorilla did a massive dump in his hand and threw it at everyone. Big People freaked out. I made a mental note for next time they put me in the play pen. TUESDAY I’m sick of everyone assuming that just because someone is a similar age to me that we’ll instantly be best mates. Sometimes we have literally nothing in common. What are we supposed to bond over? The fact we can’t control our bowel movements? Maybe we’ll hit it off with a thrilling conversation about which fashionable brand of nappies we’re sporting this season or better still, exchange dietary tips? Do me a favour. WEDNESDAY Can't be sure but think one of the Big People did a trump today and blamed it on me. I know I'm quite new here but that doesn't seem fair. Gonna fill my nappy tomorrow and bl

The Secret Diary of a 22 Month Old (Part 31)

MONDAY Was super excited to get in the car to go to the park. I love the park. It’s probably my favourite place in the world after the cupboard in the kitchen where they keep the pans. Was so giddy when they tried to put my coat on. Couldn’t stop running up and down the house getting ready for the park. Giggled like mad when they put my shoes on just thinking about all the great things we were going to do at the park. Was busy planning what I was going to do at the park and in what order when I noticed that we swung a left at the main road meaning WE WEREN’T GOING TO THE PARK, WE WERE GOING TO THE FUCKING SUPERMARKET! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! Decided I had to make a stand so kicked my legs for ages (bicycle motion first, then freestyle) so they couldn’t get me in the trolley seat. Then when they finally did I spent the whole time round grabbing random stuff and putting it in the trolley. Despite the fact they saw this act of defiance as “cute”, they ended up accidentally paying fo