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5 Things I Learned as a Parent This Week (#38)

1.The most annoying part of the daily tidy-up is doing all the fucking jigsaws.

2.Buying suede shoes as a parent is as optimistic as a bull farmer opening a China shop next to his stables.

3.You don't need the gym when you can just push a pram with a flat tyre up a hill with a baby while holding a brolly in the wind.

4.When hurriedly bringing your baby into your bed at 5.30am you should really check first if they're crying because they've shat everywhere.

5.I used to think Father's Day was a load of commercial toss but after that lie-in this morning I'm now a fervant supporter.

(My guest on this week's '5 Things I Learned' podcast is BBC 6 Music presenter and son of the legendary John Peel, Tom Ravenscroft. You can find it here: or go to the right hand column of my site.)


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