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The Secret Diary of a 9 Month Old (Part 15)

Discovered a great new game today called 'Keep Throwing Everything On The Floor Repeatedly For Ages'. (Needs a snappier title but you get the drift.) Big people joined in too. They kept picking everything up so I could keep playing.

Got porridge all over my face at breakfast. Felt great. Looked like a beard. Big people wiped it off. I cried. Can't wait to grow a beard.

Got into a pickle today - tried to roll and it went tits up. Got trapped on my side between a toy and a load of sick for about three seconds. Was scared but didn't cry. I'm quite brave sometimes.

Was in my cot last night and could hear the big people messing with my toys. They swear and shout a lot more when they play than I do.

Blew a raspberry that lasted a full ten minutes. So much dribble. Felt lightheaded and couldn't see straight at one point. What a rush.

Some woman at the shops thought I was only 3 months old. Big people got annoyed. I took it as a compliment.

Went to playgroup today. Some of the kids are doing mad flips and rolls. Some of them just lie there and dribble. Doesn't really matter though. As long as we're happy.


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