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The 10 Best Things About Parenting

My twin boys are 18 months old so this will inevitably change. But for now, here’s my 10 favourite things about being a parent.

1.You Feel Like You've Done Something Worthwhile

The planet is overcrowded and we’re running out of fish. We’re not helping by adding more methane-oozing, petrol-guzzling humans to the queue for the last few haddock. But no achievement in life has made me feel as proud as my kids.

2.Nobody’s Bothered If / When You’re Late

You are never actually ‘on time’ with kids, merely ‘not late, yet.’ Twenty minutes, half an hour, fuck it – turn up a day late and nobody really cares. Or if they do they won’t say anything because you have a legitimate, living and shitting excuse.

3.When Your Child Laughs

There is no other sound like it. When your child laughs, the world makes sense. (Unless they’re laughing at the bollocking you’ve just given them.)

4.When They Sleep

Nap time is great (if it happens) but those nights when they go down at the end of the day and stay down are the absolute tits. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with them during daylight but when they sleep you still get that buzz of parental pride without the stabbing back pain and tinnitus that accompanies it when they’re awake.


So what if your sports team gets ripped apart by their rivals? Who cares if your box-fresh Galaxy Notepad 7 has just exploded and set fire to your hair? Your kids love you and the world is a beautiful place.

6.Finding Emotions You Never Knew You Had

I look back at my happy moments before I was a dad and they all pale into insignificance next to the electric, all-consuming euphoria that I experience on a daily basis as a parent. (Kind of like if you’ve been drinking Diet Coke for years and then finally try real Coke.)


I’m a comic and more recently, a blogger. Without kids I’d have to think quite hard about stuff to write. As it is my kids are an endless goldmine of proud, embarrassing, ridiculous, tear-jerking, vomit-inducing anecdotes.

8.Watching Your Kids Grow

Every milestone puts a spring in your step – first smile, first steps, although not much will compare to the first time they learn that toast doesn’t belong in the Bu-ray player.


Who doesn’t love cuddles? My kids now they’re walking. But towards the end of the day as they’re tiring out and they jump into your lap – it’s better than winning the lottery.

10.You Feel Like An Adult

Despite all the big landmarks in my life (getting married, buying a house, starting to enjoy going to the tip) I’ve never felt like a proper adult till I had kids. And while anyone who saw me jumping round the soft-play area today like an overgrown, balding 3 year old may disagree, parenthood does engender a certain level of maturity...

Ha! Have you read my blog before?!

NEXT UP: The 10 Worst Things About Parenting

I’m a stand up comic and dad of twins. Follow this blog on Facebook or Twitter or sign up to get each new one via email.


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