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I'm launching my own podcast!


I'm launching my very own podcast!

'Sam Avery: 5 Things I Learned' will be a weekly show where I discuss the five things I've learned as a parent that week, plus interviews with special guest comedians, actors and musicians about their parenting experiences.

I've already got some great interviews recorded and some hugely exciting ones I'm in the process of tying down so watch this space :)

(This podcast will officially be an 'expert-free zone.' Those people have a place but it isn't here...)

I also want to hear from you lot - some of the funniest things I've read have come in the comments section beneath my posts! This podcast is where they'll get some much deserved air-time.

The podcast is now available via iTunes and Podbean. It will be available through Stitcher from next week too.

THE PILOT EPISODE IS AVAILABLE NOW! (Click here) And a new episode will land each week.

Click on the link to listen to the pilot episode and SUBSCRIBE so that you never miss a show!

If you've never downloaded / listened to a podcast before and aren't sure what to do, comment below and I'll talk you through it. It's dead easy. Likewise if you have any problems getting hold of it for whatever reason.

Thanks for reading, sharing and liking the blogs over the last year. I really appreciate it. They will continue as always and I hope you can join me in this exciting new adventure.

Sam x


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