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The Secret Diary of a 9 Month Old (Part 13)

Woke up last night to see one of the big people just staring at me. They seemed shocked to see me though God knows why. Then they dived on the floor so I couldn't see them but I knew they were still there as I could clearly hear them giggling. They're so immature.

Dribbled so much it ended up in my eye. Sometimes I really do disgust myself.

Was having a great nap on the sofa when they tried to move me to the cot. Screamed the house down. Who naps in a cot? Ridiculous. Even though I was tired I refused to sleep out of principle. You've got to make a stand against this sort of thing.

Spent the whole day whining and shaking my hands about for no particular reason. Great times.

Got like, fifteen new presents today! Was a bit overwhelmed to be honest. Didn't know what to do with myself so just stared at everyone. Next time I hope they give me more of the paper it came in. Tasty.

2016 is gonna be a big year for me so decided to make some New Year's resolutions:

1. I will make a conscious effort to try new foods with an open mind and open mouth.

2. I will finally get fit by learning to roll over and maybe even crawl.

3. I will stop pooing in the bath unless it's absolutely necessary.

Pooed in the bath. It wasn't necessary. Will start again tomorrow.

I'm a stand up comic and dad to twins. You can follow my blog on Facebook by clicking here.


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