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The Secret Diary of an 8 Month Old (Part 12)

Coughed so hard today I shat myself. A humdinger too. Big people came into the room asking me what was wrong. Do I really have to spell it out for you? Open your eyes, people.

Dinner time was a disaster. Big people insisted I eat food on the spoon. I wanted stuff on the floor. They stood firm and I wouldn't compromise. Didn't eat anything but cried lots. They made aeroplane noises. I cried more. They made train noises. I screamed. They pretended to give me food off floor. I noticed it was the same food as on spoon. They gave up. I stopped crying. Went to bed. Woke up because I was hungry. Drank some milk. Went back to sleep.

Got totally tricked today. Was crying and the big people did a silly dance and made me laugh instead. I hate it when they do that.

Accidentally bit my finger while eating lunch. Cried like hell. It hurt a bit but more than anything it was just really embarrassing.

Yet more drama at the dinner table. Not my fault this time. I just wanted to play with the knife that was just out of my reach. Big people are so unreasonable.

Terrible experience today. Not ready to talk about it yet. Too raw.

Ready to talk now. Basically, yesterday the big people put a coat on me. A coat. Against my will. Sleeves, buttons, the whole nine yards. It was snowing outside but I was happy in my t-shirt. They knew it too. And they still put that coat on me. They're so stubborn sometimes.

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