Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Secret Diary of an 8 Month Old (Part 10)

I've decided to stop laughing from now on. Whatever I laugh at just gets repeated and repeated by the big people until it's ruined and not funny at all about 5 minutes later. Its a shame and I'll miss it but this has to be done.

Spent half the day just smiling inwardly until one of the big people sneezed and I lost the plot. Sneezes are so funny.

Got another tooth through. It's getting ridiculous now. At this rate I'll have more teeth than fingers.

Nailed a few new moves on the wriggle mat this morning. Lifted my head right up which felt good but then dropped it to the mat which really bloody hurt. Cried. Tried it again. Cried again.

Discovered a new game called 'Grab The Glasses' today. Loads of fun. Reckon I could go professional one day. Big people lose their minds so I know I'm good.

Big people annoyed me this morning. Was trying to cough and swallow my milk at the same time but they took my bottle away. Obviously multi-tasking isn't encouraged in this house.

They put a tree in the lounge today. What is going on? A tree! In the lounge! Big people are totally weird.

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marta said...

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