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The Secret Diary of a 7 Month Old (Part 8)

Big people kept checking my nappy all morning. Then when I finally did a poo they found it disgusting. Not sure what else they were expecting to be honest.

Had the most amazing dream last night. About milk, mainly.

My bum got really sore today and I panicked - thought it was another tooth coming through. Think it's just a rash.

Screamed my head off at the shops today. Everyone was staring. It was fantastic.

Finally learned how to blow raspberries, properly. None of this dribble-down-your-chin nonsense. That's for amateurs.

I wish they’d stop wiping my face after meals. What if I want to save some for later? Wipe my bum all day long but keep your hands off the face.

The big people gave me cuddles today when I was sad. Felt much better. Think I’m starting to warm to them.


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