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The Secret Diary of a 7 Month Old (Part 6)

Cried all afternoon. Big people wanted me to sleep but I was far too tired for that.

Puked on three different outfits today just as they got me into them. Made the big person cry. Felt guilty which made me do a poo. It leaked. Felt even more guilty. Puked again. Went to sleep.

Getting sick of complete strangers squeezing my cheeks. Here’s an idea – if I don’t know you, don’t touch my face. How does that sound?

Managed to burp, puke and then sneeze all over the sofa. What a mess. But what a feeling!

Got taken to a fancy room with loads of lights and mirrors and stuff to touch. Was so excited. Slept right through it.

Don’t think I’ve pooed for a while. I used to poo all the time. Should I be worried?

Laughed properly today, like one of the big people. It felt amazing. Then got tired and screamed the house down. Life is so confusing.


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