Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Secret Diary of a 7 Month Old (Part 5)

Brilliant afternoon in the back of the car – managed to cough so much I did a poo. It leaked all over my clothes and ended up on the seat. It was so funny. Big people have no sense of humour.

They tried to get me to hold my own bottle today. I’m sorry but that’s their job, not mine. Managed to make my feelings very clear on the matter.

The big people have GOT to stop singing at me. I can’t take it anymore. Especially when the hairy one joins in. At least learn some new songs. I don’t care about Old MacDonald. I don’t even know who he is.

Stared at the lamp in the lounge for ages today. It’s so beautiful. I could look at it forever.

Got bored of the lamp today so they put me on my tummy. Ended up puking and rolling my head in it which was great fun.

Teeth were really hurting again but they gave me this tiny pink drink that made me proper happy. Had the best sleep ever. Need to get my hands on that stuff again.

Slept, pooed, fed and cried. I’m gonna miss days like this.

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